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Water – The Ultimate Cure

Water the Ultimate Solution

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Water is the most dominant element on our planet some would say it is the stuff of life itself. So crucial, that its presence on another planet is the most exciting possibility scientists can find in their search for life. But, we take our water for granted and overlook its essential role in our health.

This simple compound of three atoms makes up 67% of our body weight. A 2% decrease results in fatigue. A 10% drop causes significant problems and greater losses can be fatal. Good hydration cushions bones joints, transports nutrients, flushes toxins, regulates body temperature, and empowers the body’s natural processes of healing.

Find out Which Water is Right for You.


Reviews From People Who Have Read This Book

Great Knowledge One Drop at a Time

This book is just as important as the “Emotional Intelligence” book by Daniel Goleman. It helps the reader understand the major ingredient of our body, water, and why it should also be the main ingredient of what we take in. While Goleman discusses the wholesome meanings behind the consanguineous electrical synapses of neurons, Steve Meyerowitz reveals how water is used by the body, the hydroelectric generator, to power our brains.

“Doctorate in Naturopathy”
For the last 15 years, I have expended a large amount of personal time searching for the healthiest foods on our planet and the best form of water to drink.
I have switched from spring to reverse osmosis to distilled to structured and have always been undecided about ionizing water.
The chapter on “The Importance of Water on Human Health” is worth everyone’s time to read. From when to drink to how much to how much is too much water, this topic is a good nudge for all who have forgotten the simple necessity of drinking enough water and the right water.

For readers who seriously are considering which form of water they believe will benefit them most fully, this book is certainly worth the time reading.

With my doctorate in Naturopathy, I can tell you the opinions are myriad as to which water is the most beneficial water to drink. I also appreciated Mr Meyerowitz’s brevity and keeping his book a quick read for everyone.
My eyes were really opened to the problem of dehydration.
My eyes were really opened to the problem of dehydration. I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s straight forward writing. I have always heard to drink a lot of water everyday, but I never knew why. Now I know exactly why. How enjoyable it is to read truth presented in a way that tells me that the writer believes what he’s writing about with all his heart. I am telling everyone to drink their water, and to read this book, too! Thank you, Steve, for caring enough to share such valuable information

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