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Water Drops – Thoughts on Water

What do you think about when you think of water? A day at the beach. A fresh stream rolling through the woods. A beautiful lake nestled between some mountains. Or a fantastic waterfall on a Caribbean Island. We asked MJ Pangman what she thought of when she thought about water.

MJ Pangman is the co-author of “Dancing with Water” the new science of water. Not to say that this is a technical piece that you would get stressed over on the contrary it’s put in very human terms but does cover everything you ever wanted to know about water and then some. I prefer to think of it as a new look at water with fresh eyes. We all need to admit that we didn’t really know very much about water until now.

In any case MJ has given us much to think about and offers the Water Drops – Thoughts on Water which we are proud to present again in their entirety during the month of August. All 30 0f them the 31st will be my own Water Drop following that they could be yours. We will post all valid Water Drops throughout the year and beyond if necessary.

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