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Water Drop #20

Water Drop #20 – In his book, The Last Ghost Dance, Brook Medicine Eagle says, “Go, those of you who live near Mother Ocean, and sit beside her mighty waters. Listen with rapt attention to the voices who speak from deep within her. Come, those of you who are swimmers, come into the waters. Rest upon their swells and feel the ecstatic song that courses through your every cell. The song of life being sung, though urgent, is still the most beautiful song. It is filled with the colors of tropical fishes, the nurturing of  the waves kissing the shore, the peacefulness of anemones waving, the swiftness of fishes darting, the pulse of your own heart’s blood, and the richness of the myriad of life of the waters.”  Being with the water will fill you with the song of life . . . it is time to sing. . . and to dance with the water.