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vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tifWater:
Our most important nutrient, just got better!

The Vitalizer Plus structures, energizes and enhances water so you get the best water there is!

  • More hydrating
  • Increased oxygen
  • Hexagonally structured
  • With added trace minerals

Water is the single most important nutrient after oxygen. Consuming the best water is likely more important than any vitamin or any food supplement you will ever take. But can the kind of water you drink make a real difference in your health?

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splash.pngNature has the answers

Nature uses movement—vortices and spirals—to gather and organize matter. (Think of spiraling galaxies, spinning planets, and electrons circulating around the nucleus of an atom.) Spiral movement keeps the universe from winding down. It also causes the molecules in water to form a repeating molecular pattern referred to as hexagonal water (a liquid crystal.)

Nature supplies magnetic fields from the earth and far infrared (FIR) energy from the
sun. These forces stabilize water’s liquid crystalline properties. Nature also supplies oxygen and minerals as water splashes over rocks during her voyage. These provide the full complement of ingredients for healthy, living water—water that is capable sustaining vibrant health!

The Vitalizer Plus emulates Nature

Whirlpool in the sea Royalty Free Stock PhotoUsing magnetic fields similar to those on the earth, and incorporating the power of the vortex for organizing matter, the Vitalizer Plus revitalizes water. Trace minerals and oxygen are added as the water spins and water’s life-sustaining qualities are returned.

Your body will absolutely love vitalized water!

The Vitalizer Plus – How it works

  1. The Vitalizer Plus is similar to a blender. Plug it in, turn it on, choose a time setting and watch a beautiful vortex begin to transform your drinking water into oxygenated, mineralized, hexagonal water within minutes! Three different time settings allow you to energize your water to a personal level of preference.
  2. The Vitalizer Plus changes any good drinking water* into vitalized water in your own home! Vitalized water is wonderful for mixing with soups, juices smoothies and other preparations. You’ll add vital energy to everything you make. For plants and animals too. All biological organisms prefer vitalized water.
  3. Affordable – Now you can drink all the Vitalized, hexagonal water you want, for just pennies a day!

The Vitalizer Plus was designed to create an unlimited supply of hexagonal water for every day consumption. It’s small enough to sit on your kitchen counter – yet durable enough to make all the hexagonal water you will ever need!

*The Vitalizer Plus is not a water purifier. Do not use chlorinated/fluoridated tap water in the Vitalizer Plus.

What is Hexagonal Water?

Water is a network of hydrogen-bonded molecules. It can form numerous structures, depending on how the molecules bond together. According to many scientists, biological organisms prefer the six-sided (hexagonal) structure. This hexagonal water forms a liquid crystalline matrix that is involved in cellular communication, intracellular water movement, enzyme function and metabolic processes. The amount of hexagonal water in your body has been correlated with aging. It forms the initial layer of water surrounding healthy cells. Unorganized (typical) water, surrounds diseased and abnormal cells.

Most tap water and bottled water is composed of large water conglomerates which are too disorganized to move freely into cells. Hexagonal water is capable of rapid penetration within the cells of your body.

Testing shows Vitalized water is truly different

Energetically powerful

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses high frequency electron streams to take pictures of the invisible energy fields radiating from all living organisms. Through a Kirlian camera, the energy radiating from the fingertip of a healthy individual before and after drinking 8 ounces of Vitalized water was photographed.

Crystalline Photography

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s flash photography, featured in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, illustrates enhancements in water’s ability to form beautiful crystalline geometry after only 9 minutes in the Vitalizer Plus.

water structure

These photographs (above) show the long-term stability of the hexagonal state of water produced in the Vitalizer Plus. They indicate a greater degree of organization amongst water molecules.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his well-known book, The Message From Water,shows how different things affect water. The photos in his book provide a graphic representation of the degree to which water is hexagonally structured. His photos of tap water show very little crystallization. On the other hand, water from some of the world’s pristine springs, freezes to form beautiful snowflake-like crystals – the more intricate the six-sided crystal, the greater the amount of hexagonal water.Why are snowflakes six-sided?

snowflake 1 snowflake 2 snowflake 3


Although a snowflake contains billions of water molecules it is a reflection of the hexagonal structure in the water. Snowflakes are formed as super-cooled water condenses around particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Super-cooled water is nearly 100% hexagonally structured. It is able to maintain a liquid state – even at temperatures below freezing in the upper atmosphere. As this hexagonal water eventually freezes during its descent to the earth, it assumes a shape that reflects the hexagonal unit from which it was made.

Dr. Emoto’s work even documents how water responds to the energy of our thoughts – with variations in its snowflake-like patterns.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis with dark field microscopy offers the unique ability to view the blood in real time. Trained professionals are able to note the presence of conditions in the blood that contribute to sickness and disease.

Actual live blood sample before consuming Vitalized water. Note the clumping of red blood cells.

This photo was taken of the same individual, 10 minutes after drinking 16oz. of water processed through the Vitalizer Plus. Note the separation of the red blood cells-for improved oxygen and nutrient uptake.

courtesy of Stefan Schoeman Bio House clinic, South Africa]

Hydration – Improvement in cell water turnover

The younger a person is, the greater the amount of cell water turnover they experience. Newborn babies experience the fastest water turnover of any stage in life. In other words, the water in a baby’s body moves easily and rapidly into and out of the cells, continually replenishing nutrients and expelling wastes. Babies are able to move water more efficiently than adults. Cell water turnover is a marker for overall health and longevity. Hexagonal water penetrates cells more rapidly. This can have an effect on metabolism, nutrient absorption, waste removal and overall health. Bioelectrical Body Composition Analyzer is considered one of the most accurate ways of measuring hydration and cell water turnover. When individuals drink 8 oz. of filtered or spring water, the device will show water movement at the
cellular level in 45-60 minutes (this is considered normal). But, when individuals drink 8 oz. of Vitalized water, water movement is shown in as little as 10 minutes!

Vitalized water easily penetrates the cells, hydrating, cleansing, and revitalizing at the cellular level! Testing with the Composition Analyzer shows enhanced levels of intra-cellular water (water inside the cells) when drinking Vitalized water.
This is a result of increased water mobility within the body. Oxygen

Oxygen is a purifier, reducing harmful bacteria and other detrimental organisms. Oxygen adds a powerful element to drinking water—especially in an age when the levels of oxygen on the planet have been seriously depleted. Dissolved oxygen testing shows that the Vitalizer Plus adds significant oxygen. Using Yosemite Crystal Water, dissolved oxygen levels were tested before and after Vitalizing. The Vitalizer Plus increased dissolved oxygen content by over 30%.

NMR testing – greater molecular organization

The use of pulsed NMR is a valuable tool for indicating
changes in water’s molecular structure. Narrow Line widths indicate increased
molecular structure. NMR was used to show that water treated in the Vitalizer
Plus has a greater degree of molecular organization.

Acupuncture Meridian Balance BioMeridian testing device utilizes galvanic skin response as a method of determining the body’s response to energetic influences (including food, water, vitamins, medicines etc. By measuring the conductance at various points on the body, the energetic health of organs and systems can be measured.

Testing before and after drinking Vitalized water reveals that, within minutes, the organs of the body become more balanced.

Note: A balanced organ indicates homeostasis – the state in which it has enough energy to perform its designated function(s). Balance does not necessarily indicate health, rather, it indicates that at a designated moment, an organ has the energy to move in the direction of health.

Heart Rate Variability Rate Variability (HRV) testing is a non-invasive, medically approved, computerized system designed to access the state of health in an individual by determining the stress on the Autonomic Nervous System. Readings are so accurate they can predict heart attacks to within the hour.

In preliminary testing, HRV scores improved (up to 30%) within a short period of time following the consumption of Vitalized water. Dr. Bruce Shelton (MD, MD(H), DiHom FBIH) who performed the tests said: “The Vitalizer Plus improves a number of health parameters – within minutes. It is a significant addition to a complete program of health care and maintenance.”





drinking watrer.pngThe importance of
drinking hexagonal water

Most diseases can be traced to dehydration. In fact, dehydration is the number one cause of stress in the human body. Many scientists believe it is the #1 cause of death. Dehydration has also been linked with angina pain, asthma, colitis, diabetes, peptic ulcer pain, high blood pressure, low back pain, high blood cholesterol – even aging itself!

When there is insufficient water inside the cells, every metabolic function suffers and the body must operate from a level of “crisis management.” This has been well documented from the medical perspective, by Dr. Batmanghelidj in his book, Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life – You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty. With a lack of cellular water, organs must compete for vital fluids; balance (homeostasis) gives way to disharmony and disease.

As we age, the amount of water inside our cells decreases. Our cells begin to shrink and stiffen – their ability to expand and contract is reduced. As a result, nutrients and oxygen are not efficiently exchanged and waste products are not efficiently removed. What we need is the ability to get water back into our cells, where it counts – and that’s where hexagonal water can make a big difference.

Organized, hexagonal water enters the cells more rapidly and more efficiently providing superior hydration with a subsequent effect on nutrient absorption, waste removal, metabolism, immune function, and overall health. Drinking vitalized water is one of the easiest and best ways to overcome chronic dehydration and to protect your body from the symptoms of disease and premature aging. Within minutes, vitalized water moves into the cells, taking nutrients and expelling metabolic wastes in a much more efficient manner.

Benefits of drinking Hexagonal water
made in the Vitalizer Plus

vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tifThe degree to which water is organized, influences its life-giving properties – especially within the human body. Multitudes of tests now verify that drinking hexagonal water improves, hydration, overall energy, mental clarity, and a host of symptoms related with those factors.

1. Hydrates the cells

Due to the penetration power of hexagonal water, Vitalized water is able to quickly move into the cellular environment of the body – hydrating tissues and enhancing cellular functions. Many notice almost immediate energy.

2. Helps transport nutrients to cells

Hexagonal water is the water of choice for all biological organisms. Its structure interfaces with the cellular components of our bodies, quickly and easily taking vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into the cells. Many have noted better assimilation of their supplements.
Enhances waste removal from cells

Water is also the carrier of wastes from our bodies. The efficiency of hexagonal water is often noticed within days – cleansing the body of long-held toxins and metabolic wastes.

4. Supports the immune system

Research has identified the critical role water plays in support of the immune system. Hexagonal water has been found surrounding healthy DNA and other healthy proteins in the body. Other water structures have been found in conjunction with diseased tissues. Many who drink Vitalized water, notice an improvement in their general health.

5. Improves cellular communication

When we are born, the water in our bodies is more hexagonally structured. This crystalline water network supports efficient, almost instantaneous cellular communication, which has been referred to in quantum physics as cellular coherence.

6. Enhances metabolic efficiency

Water is involved in every process in the body. Hexagonal water has been shown to activate enzymes and enhance many other metabolic functions. Increased energy is a common result.


The Science Behind Hexagonal Water

Dancing front cover small.png
According to the authors of Dancing with Water, the Vitalizer Plus is a premier tool for creating basic molecular structure in water(pg 142).

The book, Dancing with Water outlines the New Sciences that verify water’s liquid crystalline state. It outlines the importance of Nature’s forces in the creation of hexagonal water. Chapter 2 discusses how vortices affect water’s molecular structure and its energetic properties. Chapter 5 includes a discussion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and its influence on water’s structure. Chapter 4 discusses the importance of minerals (salts) in the creation of liquid crystalline water. According to the authors, when vortical movement and balanced electromagnetic fields are used together with a natural balance of ionic minerals, water becomes a coherent, living, liquid crystal capable of holding information and structural patterns. In this state, its properties change. It acquires the ability to amplify signals and other information within the body. It moves more efficiently in and out of cells, and it participates in metabolic functions more efficiently. The Vitalizer Plus spins water within a magnetic field while releasing ionic minerals from the basket in the base of the pitcher. It emulates nature,
creating the best water there is.

-glas-of-twisting-water.pngWhat health professionals
have to say about Vitalized Water

A growing number of health professionals are discovering the value of vitalized hexagonal water. That’s
because water is so important to the healing process. Vitalized water augments any nutritional program, any healing modality, any form of health maintenance and any diet. The use of the Vitalizer Plus, enhances the body’s ability to restore balance and coherence, and to move in the direction of a more healthy, vibrant life.

Read what health professionals have to say:

“Testing with devices designed to accurately measure the state of health in an individual, clearly show that water treated with the Vitalizer Plus improves a number of health parameters – within minutes. Tests conducted in our office, before and after drinking 1, 8-ounce glass of water treated in the Vitalizer Plus, showed significant improvement. Point scores using Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) showed a 24.7% improvement within minutes. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scores likewise improved showing 29.4% improvement in the same 5-10-minute period of time. As indicated by the above, the Vitalizer Plus is clearly a positive step towards achieving better health. It is a significant addition to a complete program of health care and maintenance.” Bruce H. Shelton, MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH

“The Vitalizer Plus is probably the best way we have (to date) of enhancing an already good water. It makes everything work better – providing an optimal delivery system for nutrients and a more efficient exit strategy for toxins and wastes. The higher vibratory frequency to this water is also helpful in literally “pushing out” the frequencies of a lower vibration (bacteria, virus, parasites, etc.). The water works on many levels to help re-establish the perfect harmonic balance in the body. In my experience, my clients who are using the Vitalizer Plus are able to move through their health problems more quickly, simply because the water supports greater metabolic efficiency. The addition of this water has resulted in improvements in all types of health conditions. It is a very very powerful tool to advance better health!” Darrell L. Wolfe, Ac, PhD.

“ As a practicing Naturopathic Physician and as president of the Curing Old Age Disease Society (COADS), I see patients in all states of degenerative disease. The Vitalizer Plus represents a near miracle when it comes to supporting the natural detoxification processes of the body. In my experience, the unique structured water produced by this machine provides superior hydration and an enhanced ability to remove metabolic wastes from the cellular components of the body. Both of these factors are critical for healing and for maintaining natural vitality. I highly recommend it as an addition to any health care program.” Dr. James A. Kholos

“As a practicing chiropractor, utilizing Biogeometric Integration and Network Spinal Analysis, I have found that my clients who drink Vitalized water often respond with greater depth when they are drinking this water. Their tissues seem to be more fluid and they do not appear to hold as much tension. After working with several clients, and noting the differences (before and after) I decided to purchase a Vitalizer Plus for myself. At first, both urination and bowel frequency increased. I also noticed an increased thirst my body couldn’t get enough of the water. I am also an endurance athlete and I have struggled with pica syndrome (an iron and related mineral deficiency) for several years. One of the symptoms is a craving and chewing of ice. However, ever since I began drinking Vitalized water, I have not had a craving for ice. The other symptoms of pica syndrome seem to have gone away as well. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my Vitalizer Plus and I highly recommend it.” S. Johnston, DC

“When we were introduced to the Vitalizer Plus at the Advanced Health Clinic, the first thing we did was test it. Using bionetic equipment, which measures the body’s response to different foods and supplements, we determined that Vitalized water was over 50% better than the structured water product we were recommending at the time. We purchased a Vitalizer Plus and over the next few months we determined that the addition of this water made it much easier to “balance” our clients with the supplements and remedies available at the clinic – not only this but their energy seemed to stay balanced for longer
periods of time. We are very pleased with the Vitalizer Plus and regularly recommend it to our clients.” Martha Bray, FNP-C, APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse)

vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tif

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