Vitalizer Plus asks: "What are these people talking about"?

Water comprises the largest amount of material in all living organisms. It covers the majority of the planet. But most of it, because of the salt content, is neither functional or healthy to drink. The fact of the mater is: only about 1% of the water on the planet is fresh accessible water.


As populations grow it means less water for all. A very scary proposal on the horizon is that it should be privatized to protect it.  Have you ever heard of any organization protecting something with a value and an exclusivity with out taking advantage of price increases due to demand.

Think about it.

We as a species cannot live without water. This goes beyond the benefits to be found while using a Vitalizer Plus device. We have stated that the water from the tap, for all city systems world wide, is polluted which is putting it mildly. We offer assistance with what you need to do today to be able to drink healthy water. But the world is developing beyond its ability to produce enough water for us. To that end we hope you contact your political representative and let them know that as a people of this planet you disapprove of the current trends.