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Raphael Martinez explains why he loves the VitalizerPlus

Raphael Martinez

When I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer which had metastasized and spread to areas throughout my chest, oncologists found over 40 ping pong ball-sized tumors. I was given a  30% chance to live – if I underwent six months of heavy-duty chemotherapy – which I did.

As a result of the chemotherapy and numerous other drugs I had to take, I became a type II diabetic with blood sugar readings that averaged between 270 and 278. Though I was very careful to exercise and to follow a strict diabetic diet, nothing seemed to bring down my high blood sugar levels.

Then I was introduced to The Vitalizer Plus™. As I began to drink this incredible water, I noticed that my blood sugar began to drop. After only two months my doctor made arrangements for new blood sugar work. Tests, that monitored my blood sugar over a period of a month, revealed that my blood sugar average had dropped to 145 – very close to normal!
Raphael Martinez