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How long will the oxygen remain in vitalized water?

Although the vortexing of the water in the Vitalizer Plus™ adds a significant amount of oxygen, dissolved oxygen testing reveals that oxygen levels begin to drop soon after the Vitalizer Plus™ stops. Within an hour, oxygen levels are reduced – but still higher than before vitalization. If you prefer water with a maximum amount of oxygen, simply turn on the Vitalizer Plus™ for 1 or 2 minutes to re-oxygenate your water each time you pour a drink.
Perhaps even more important than the amount of oxygen in the water, is the capacity for increased oxygen absorption by the body. Live blood analysis shows that within minutes after drinking hexagonal water produced in the Vitalizer Plus™, blood cells are less prone to stick together. This improves oxygen absorption in the tissues as well as nutrient assimilation.

What is the difference between the 3 time settings on the Vitalizer Plus™?

The Vitalizer Plus™ makes it easy to energize your water to a preferred level of energy – the longer the cycle – the greater the energy of the water. (Hexagonal Water has a tremendous capacity to store and transfer energy – much more so than regular water.) It is recommended that everyone begin with 9 minutes. This is the level at which all of our laboratory testing has been performed. At 9 minutes, NMR spectroscopy verifies that the water is hexagonally-structured. Dissolved oxygen testing shows increases of up to 30% oxygen. pH tests show significant alkalization and Kirlian photography reveals substantial energy enhancements. As you become accustomed to drinking more vitalized water, you may want to use the 18 or 27-minute cycles.

Dissolved Oxygen Testing

doDissolved Oxygen (DO) Testing

Dissolved oxygen testing shows that the Vitalizer Plus adds significant oxygen – even to already good quality bottled water. Using Yosemite Crystal Water, dissolved oxygen levels were tested before and after Vitalizing. The Vitalizer Plus increased dissolved oxygen content by over 30%.



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Oxygen is a powerful element in maintaining vibrant cellular health.

Most people think we take oxygen only through the air we breathe. However, foaming
oxygen increased by vortexial action and magnetized water (as with the Vitalizer Plus!’”)
activates the kinetic energy, stimulates the mucous membrane while passing through the
stomach, small and large intestines, and promotes blood circulation to the blood vessels.

The oxygen also takes out the toxic gases and wastes in the intestines, providing a clean
intestinal environment as well as a clear blood stream.

The additional oxygen existing in the hexagonal water produced by the Vitalizer Plus” can
easily be absorbed and will penetrate into the blood within 30 seconds; to the brain tissues
and genitals after one minute; to the skin after 10 minutes and to the heart, liver and
kidneys after 20 minutes.

The brain accounts for 20-30% of total oxygen consumption in our body. Lack of oxygen to
the brain may cause one to be lethargic, have a lower attention span, and over an extended
period of hypoxia will certainly lead to dementia and eventually death.

(Please read the important precautionary information at the bottom of this page with respect to the
use of the hexagonal water and its potential effect on both mental and physical cleansing activities.
The higher level of oxygen in the Vitalized water may result in dramatic increases in memory or
mental activity.)

When exposed to a vortex, oxygen can be bonded to water molecules. Such an effect can
be observed in mountain streams where millions of small, swirling vortices capture and
bond oxygen into the passing water.

In the Vitalizer Plus?’. a powerful vortex increases the oxygen content of the water. A 30%
increase in dissolved oxygen over even good quality bottled water can be realized as
illustrated below. To experience the greatest benefit of this increased oxygenation level, the
Vitalizer Plus” water should be used within 20 minutes of preparation.

” … In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state. Low oxygen in the body tissues
is a sure indicator for disease. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all
degenerative disease.” Dr. Stephen Levine – Molecular Biologist: Oxygen Deficiency: A Concomitant to
all Degenerative Illnesses

” … When the body has ample oxygen, it produces enough energy to optimize metabolism and eliminate
accumulated toxic wastes in the tissues. Natural immunity isachieved when the immune system is not
burdened with heavy “toxic buildup”. Detoxification occurs when oxygen is introduced into the system”.
Dr. Norman McVea

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