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The Wave of the Future is Here.

The Wave of the future is here, as water resources slowly become toxic and huckster’s try to sell you expensive water systems that have limited capabilities. Its time to catch the wave of the future and drink hexagonally structured water the water we were designed to drink. Water that has the correct nutrients for proper cleansing of our systems without damaging our body’s. This is the water that will help restore you to the health, you know you should have. Water that has the right cellular structure to get into your cells and remove all of the toxins stored in them. It has the correct electrolytes to allow for better communication between cells. Water that will truly quench your thirst. Stop your personal dehydration today and catch the Vitalizer plus wave at any of our Vitalizer Plus Websites. then come back and leave your testimony like many others. Make your declaration Today “I Caught the Wave to Better Health”

Dissolved Oxygen Testing

doDissolved Oxygen (DO) Testing

Dissolved oxygen testing shows that the Vitalizer Plus adds significant oxygen – even to already good quality bottled water. Using Yosemite Crystal Water, dissolved oxygen levels were tested before and after Vitalizing. The Vitalizer Plus increased dissolved oxygen content by over 30%.