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pH Lesson 101

pH Lesson 101

A guide to understanding

pH,  Alkaline Water, Water Ionizers

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Most people have been convinced they should drink alkaline water to neutralize the acids in their body that cause disease.


First of all, alkaline foods and alkaline water do notneutralize acids in the body. There is no scientific basis for this claim. If they did, then eating overly-cooked meat (alkaline) would be the best way to reduce acidity. Second, acids don’t cause disease, free radicals do. So, it is not quite as simple as we have been led to believe.

Description:, it is true that alkalinity cancels acidity but the body is a very complex organism. Simply because a substance is alkaline or acidic does not mean that it will remain that way when it is broken down by digestion and metabolism. Cooked meat is very alkaline; yet it contributes to over-acidity in the tissues of the body; and a lemon – one of the most acidic fruits – contributes
to a healthy, balanced  pH.

Parts of the body were meant to be acidic and parts were meant to remain alkaline. Overall, the body strives for a fairly neutral pH. So how do we untangle the confusion? The information that follows will help you understand pH, alkaline water and water ionizers.

What is pH?


The pH scale is a chemical yardstick that measures whether a substance is acidic or alkaline. pH, stands for Potential Hydrogen. Hydrogen is found in large concentrations in acids. The left side of the pH scale measures the presence of dominant hydrogen (acids). The right side of the pH scale measures the absence of dominant hydrogen (alkali). The more dominant the hydrogen atoms are, the more acidic the material is and the smaller the number on the pH scale. Think of the pH scale as “plus or minus” hydrogen.

Description: is at the core of all life on Earth. Live acids are the backbone of existence. The human body is a hydrogen-converting machine that extracts energy from hydrogen at each stage of the digestive process. Because they contain hydrogen, acids supply energy that feed all organic life.

According to the recent book, pH Madness,  by Roger Bezanis, human digestion is like a fireplace and hydrogen is the wood. Bezanis says that it would be equally accurate to call the pH scale the scale of Potential Heat.  The only reason a log burns is because of the acids or potential heat units that the log has available.  Calories are measurements of potential heat or energy from hydrogen.

Hydrogen = acid = potential
heat = energy

Two things to remember about pH

1.    pH is a measure of hydrogen which is the fuel of life

2.    An acidic pH means available hydrogen for fuel and energy

Description: scan0001.jpgFireplace ashes are all that is left when organic acids are burned. Their energy is released during combustion.
If you have ever watched a hot fire you will recall that when the fuel (acidic) is gone, all that is left is cool ash (alkaline).  According to Bezanis, food follows the same flow:

·         Live foods are acidic (all fresh fruits and vegetables are acidic – with pH 6.9 and under)

·         Digestion releases their potential heat units

·         Leftover waste (urine, sweat, stools, tears, mucus) should be neutral or slightly alkaline in a healthy body.

In other words, acidic foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) release their energy (from hydrogen) and leave alkaline ash behind in the form of alkaline waste. Consuming alkaline food and alkaline water taxes the elimination organs of the body – often overloading them. When alkaline wastes cannot be removed rapidly enough, they end up as arterial plaque, kidney stones, calcification in joints etc.  In order to balance the alkaline waste, the body then creates acids.

All the confusion around acidity has led some to believe that acidity is the cause of the problem. In reality, it is part of the solution. What most people do not know is that when tissues in the body become overly acidic, they can release hydrogen.  Hydrogen ions (H+ and H-) stabilize free radicals by either donating or scavenging electrons. They participate in the quieting of free radical damage without contributing to the chain reaction. Hydrogen has been called the premier antioxidant. Recent research from Russia shows that when the body needs extra help controlling free radicals, it creates an acidic environment to release hydrogen. What the body is calling for when tissues become too acidic is antioxidants.   Acids are the body’s way of releasing hydrogen to neutralize free radicals. So, from this perspective, acids are the not the cause – they are the solution for an overabundance of waste and the resulting disease-causing free radicals.

Description: pH pg 2.jpg

What about water?

Most people think pure water has a pH of 7. That is another misconception. Pure water (water without anything in it) can only have a pH of 7 in a vacuum. Ultra-pure water immediately absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air and forms carbonic acid. This is why distilled and reverse osmosis water are acidic.  Being free of minerals, these sources of water immediately grab carbon dioxide and form carbonic acid which is an organic acid.  In Nature, water is frequently found to be slightly acidic. It contains organic acids that are necessary to balance alkaline minerals. The lower the pH, the more minerals water can hold.  If the pH rises too high, minerals drop out as sediment. They also form scale on anything they come in contact with. Without balance, alkaline minerals wreak havoc in all living organisms.  That’s why the proponents of alkaline water tell you not to give alkaline water to plants or to put it in a fish tank.  It will kill them.


 Professor Louis-Claude Vincent (1906-1988), a hydrologist from France, spent many years researching water throughout Europe to see whether there was a correlation between drinking water and longevity. His work, which has never been completely translated to English, revealed that minerals needed to be organically bound by organic acids in order to be available for use by the human body.  The more minerals in water, the lower the pH needed to be in order for them to be safely utilized (organically bound). Another important
discovery of Vincent’s research was that more calcium in water correlated with higher mortality rates. According to Vincent, excess calcium in water does NOT contribute to longevity – just the opposite. His work supports the ideas of Roger Bezanis and others who are challenging the old, oversimplified ideas on pH and acidity. Louis-Claude Vincent ‘s work was later used in the development of Biological Terrain Assessment—a holistic method of metabolic measurement for early detection of Illness and premature aging.

Description: glass of water.jpgDescription: Fruit_Vegetables.jpgThe minerals in fresh fruits and vegetables are organically bound (balanced by organic acids). In this way they are available for the human body. Healthy drinking water contains organically bound minerals too, NOT colloidal inorganic ions. Healthy drinking water also has an abundance of excess electrons that act as antioxidants.

Alkaline water – is it good for you?

According to an article written by the authors of the new book, Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water, there are 7 major reasons (and many minor ones) not to drink alkaline water:

  1. Description: Picture of Human StomachAlkaline water hinders digestion. The first and the
    most obvious red flag regarding the consumption of alkaline ionized water is its potential impact on digestion. Since the digestive process begins in the stomach—an extremely acidic environment
    —a person must ask the question: What is the impact of alkaline water on the digestive process? Fifty percent of people over the age of 60 are hypochlorhydric. This means that they can no longer produce enough stomach acid for optimal digestion. For these individuals, the consumption of alkaline water presents a significant problem. You might be surprised to discover how many people who begin to drink alkaline ionized water end up with digestive trouble—and they have no idea it was caused by the water.
  2. Alkaline water does not balance the body’s pH. One of the arguments used in favor of alkaline water, supposes that its consumption will alkalize the body and negate the buildup of acids caused by our modern diet and lifestyle.  Raw food balances the body’s pH in a way that alkaline water cannot. Yet, all raw plant foods are acidic (with the exception of a few herbs). They are made of organic acids combined with organically-complexed alkaline minerals—in balance.
  3. Ionization damages water’s life force. Nature creates liquid crystalline (structured) water using weak electromagnetic fields. Those who sell ionizers believe that the strong electric current used during ionization produces the same kind of water. It does not. Although electric currents cause water molecules to align, strong electric currents (like those used during ionization) have a damaging effect on the electromagnetic field around water molecules. In essence, they leave it without life force. The water loses its molecular organization rapidly when it is removed from the electric field. Water that has been treated in this manner is aggressive and unnatural. It is no longer capable of carrying the finely-tuned signals and other vibratory information that water is intended to carry within the human body.
  4. Description: ionized water contains minerals in an inorganic form that contribute to arterial plaque and joint disorders. During ionization, water molecules are split (ionized). Positively-charged ions (H+) are attracted to negatively-charged mineral ions (phosphate, chloride, sulfide, iodide, etc.) to form a variety of acidic compounds in the acidic stream of water. Negatively-charged water ions (OH-) are attracted to positively-charged mineral ions (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) to form numerous alkaline compounds in the alkaline stream of water.  The alkaline minerals are not available for use in the body. Most of them end up as arterial plaque or as mineral deposits in joints and other tissues.
  5. Alkaline water is imbalanced. Water ionizers separate water into two streams.  One contains the acidic minerals. The other stream of water contains alkaline minerals. Both sets of minerals are necessary in the human body. Nature rarely provides one without the other.  The chemistry of
    life is dependent on the balance between acids and bases. One without the other for an extended period of time is an invitation for trouble.
  6. Alkaline ionized water causes cell death. While alkaline ionized water has been in use in Japan for over 40 years, its use (until recently) has been restricted to clinical settings where the water was used in controlled amounts for short periods of time. There are no long-term studies to identify potential problems with either the extended or the exclusive use of this type of water. In the absence of controlled human studies, rats (with a shorter life span) have been the subjects of investigation. Three separate studies have shown that long-term consumption of alkaline ionized water produces cell death (necrosis), fibrosis, and other complications in the heart muscle in rats.
  7. Alkaline ionized water is aggressive and unnatural. One of the biggest arguments in favor of alkaline ionized water is that its strong electron potential neutralizes free radicals. While it is true that alkaline ionized water has a strong electrical potential (evidenced by negative ORP values), the rH2 value (hydrogen potential) is a more accurate representation of electron potential than ORP alone. Understanding Biological Terrain Assessment helps in the realization that water with a strongly negative ORP value is way out of balance for the human body. It may initially reduce the free radical load but continued consumption upsets cellular balance and metabolic homeostasis. The ongoing consumption of alkaline ionized water opens the way for other serious metabolic consequences.

Description: vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tifA comparison between alkaline ionized water and water produced
in the Vitalizer Plus

Electromagnetic fields create a unique phase of matter in some liquids known as a liquid crystal. The liquid crystalline phase of water, sometimes referred to as hexagonal water, exhibits many of the qualities of a solid crystal. It can amplify and transfer signals and other information—this is its function within biological organisms. A number of health benefits are emerging for those who consume this type of water and it would appear that the liquid crystalline phase of water supports superior hydration, enhanced nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency, and improved cellular communication. Because of these benefits, many researchers have devised methods to generate and to stabilize liquid crystalline water for consumption. Both ionizers and the Vitalizer Plus produce hexagonal water. However, there are some very basic differences in the
resulting water.

Description: 13240411.jpgElectric vs. magnetic fields

Description: water is made as water is subjected to strong electric fields.  By contrast, the Vitalizer Plus establishes a vortex and spins water within a magnetic field.  Both methods bring structure to water. However, the strong electric forces used during ionization are destructive to water’s natural electromagnetic field.  The water is shattered and the liquid crystalline state can only be maintained as long as electric current passes through the water. When the water leaves the electric field, it begins to lose its structure immediately.  By contrast, the circulation of water within a magnetic field closely approximates the way Nature brings structure to water. This establishes a cooperative relationship between water molecules.  When one molecule moves, they all move together—like a school of fish.  Water produced in the Vitalizer Plus has a living quality that is not present in ionized water.


Description: vitalizer and mineral basket.jpgIonization splits the water molecule into its ions (H+ and OH-). Because of the strong electric forces used during ionization, minerals tightly bound to hydroxide ions are not
available for use in the body. The Vitalizer Plus releases minerals from a small mineral basket in the center of the pitcher. These minerals support the structure of the water and they enhance the water’s ability to conduct energetic information. They are especially important if the original water is
distilled or produced by reverse osmosis – yet they are not so concentrated that they overpower the carbonic acid in these waters. Minerals in vitalized water are not electrostatically bound to hydroxide ions. They are released during the spinning of the water and are free to cooperate with carbonic acid and participate in cellular functions.


Most ionizers can be adjusted to produce alkaline water with a pH anywhere from 8 to 10 or higher.  If the source water is low in minerals, higher pH values cannot be produced without the addition of supplementary minerals. (Some companies sell inorganic mineral powders or solutions that can be added to the original water.)

By contrast, the Vitalizer Plus is not intended as an alkalizer. The minerals are intended to balance the water—especially if the water has been processed by reverse osmosis or distillation. An average of 8 ppm (parts per million) from the mineral basket are released during a 9-minute vitalizer cycle.


Alkaline ionized water has a strong electrical potential typically measured as ORP
(oxidation-reduction potential). When a solution has a negative ORP,  it has an abundance of electrons.  A strongly positive ORP indicates that a solutions is lacking in free electrons. Ionization can push the ORP value of water down to between -100 and -800 mV depending on the original water and depending on the capacity of the ionizer. This gives alkaline ionized water a tremendous electron potential and a tremendous potential to neutralize free radicals. It is one reason people who drink alkaline ionized water experience relief from many symptoms.  Vitalized water is electron-rich too (as is most structured water) but not nearly to the extent of alkaline ionized water. Vitalized water can have an ORP anywhere between -100 and +100 mV depending on the original water. According to the principles of Biological Terrain Assessment developed by Louis Claude Vincent in France, balance is the key. An overabundance of electrons is equally as harmful as an overabundance of free radicals. Professor Vincent determined that near neutral ORP values were more balancing for the internal fluids of the human body than either highly positive (electron poor) or highly negative (electron rich) ORP values. 

NOTE: The ORP of most fresh fruits and vegetables is slightly positive!


Most ionizers are plumbed into a water line. Prior to the ionization process, water passes through a filter to remove contaminants. Each brand of ionizer has its own type of filter. Most use some sort of carbon filtration designed to remove chlorine and other standard contaminants.  Ionizers do not remove fluoride and other difficult-to- remove contaminants. The Vitalizer Plus is not a water filter. It is not plumbed to the water line.  The Vitalizer Plus uses the water of your choice—distilled, reverse osmosis, spring water, filtered, or bottled water. The Vitalizer Plus is not intended to be used with tap water.

Quick Comparison

pH ORP Filtration
Ionizers Electricity biologically
.0 to 10.0
to  -100
& vortex
to 7.5
to +100

Description: vitalizer_side2 copy.tif.CMYK.tif

What about YOU?

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