NMR Testing

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nuclearmagneticNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Testing
(tests performed at Acorn NMR Inc.)

The use of pulsed NMR is a valuable tool for validating molecular structure. Line widths indicate the size of the molecule as determined by its rate of rotation.

NMR was used to show that water cluster size was reduced after using the Vitalizer Plus Advanced Water Technology System.

Hexagonal Water contains smaller, ring-shaped molecular units that are more mobile within the body. Hexagonal Water is a more efficient carrier of oxygen and nutrients.



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    • David we really aren’t trying to promote fear, Although I am terrified about what to eat, drink and how to make more money. But the facts are all around us and very few are paying attention to them. So we are here to make the issues known. We apologize if we are sometimes tactless in our delivery, but there is no nice way to say your being poisoned by the food’s and beverages you buy, or by the city water systems or the air you breath. Yes we hit you in the face with it because we would like to see it all change for the better. And, the more people who know about it and try to do something about it, the better all of our chances will be. I’m tired of being the newest in a long line of filters for our societies trash. This planet of ours is really in need of help and we can all get on board and make a difference. But we need to be healthy while we do it. We offer a system that promotes healthy water, unlike any other you have ever had. the very reason why its called vitalized water is because we use the same principle as are found in nature to add the vitality to the water. And tests have shown that it really works. Thanks for the comment.

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