Jim Rand

Written by Leonard

Jim Rand

I began using the Vitalizer Plus about a year ago because of constant fatigue.  I had tried many things but it seemed like nothing worked.  I noticed an immediate difference after drinking hexagonal water for about a month and after I had gone through the cleansing phase.

I started slowly as indicated in the supplied literature and then worked my way upward.  Since then, I’m up to over a gallon a day and I can immediately tell when I’m starting to get dehydrated.  I now realize the importance of keeping myself hydrated throughout the day.

I feel so much better when drinking hexagonal water.  I take the Vitalizer with me every chance I get but sometimes on business travel, I’m unable to.  Even though I drink plenty of water on those trips, I notice the difference between bottled water and hexagonal water and I can’t wait to get back to the good water.

Another difference I’ve noticed is the much improved quality of my sleep.  I sleep much more deeply than I used to and even keep a gallon bottle of water close at hand so I am able to have a glass or two during the night.  My mental clarity has also improved which is very important in my job as a software developer where I have to concentrate for long periods of time.  An added plus is that my blood tests were much improved from the year before.

I heartily endorse the Vitalizer Plus.  In my opinion, it’s the single most important thing I’ve done to improve my health.

Jim Rand

4 Responses to Jim Rand

  1. A bit surprised it seems to simple and yet useful.

    • Sometimes, we ignore things simply because they appear to be to simple. the Medical and in particular the pharmaceutical industry thrives on that built in inclination because you can’t patent things like water or herbs. So they go out of their way to come up with extravagant ways to cure even the common cold. But in most cases they are only masking the cold by shutting down the symptoms. most symptoms are your body’s way of excreting the original issue. so colds hold on longer with medication. we hope this make it clearer for you.

  2. That saves me. Thanks for being so sensible!

    • Heaven knows we try some better then others. but we all try to put our best foot forward Jim will be please to know he was able to help. can I tell him exactly how he was able to help you. please expand on your comment so I can publish it on the site for Jim to read. I know he will be excited about it.

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