How long will the oxygen remain in vitalized water?

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Although the vortexing of the water in the Vitalizer Plus™ adds a significant amount of oxygen, dissolved oxygen testing reveals that oxygen levels begin to drop soon after the Vitalizer Plus™ stops. Within an hour, oxygen levels are reduced – but still higher than before vitalization. If you prefer water with a maximum amount of oxygen, simply turn on the Vitalizer Plus™ for 1 or 2 minutes to re-oxygenate your water each time you pour a drink.
Perhaps even more important than the amount of oxygen in the water, is the capacity for increased oxygen absorption by the body. Live blood analysis shows that within minutes after drinking hexagonal water produced in the Vitalizer Plus™, blood cells are less prone to stick together. This improves oxygen absorption in the tissues as well as nutrient assimilation.

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  1. By having vegetarian food,people will be healthy and at the same time exercise is also main important.

  2. First off, I’m aware of how drinking water works filter out your body and keeps it hydrated, thus the body burns fat easier. My question is whether I should do this or not. I’m a male, weighing 200 pounds, and 6’0 -6’1 , and ever since I’ve graduated high school early I’ve gained a bit in weight. Besides that, the reason I want to lose weight is I’ve always wanted to get this embarrassing stomach fat off and since I have a lot of time, I’m open for anything.Going by the ounce rule, I should be drinking 100 ounces, right? In addition, I just began a starting exercise routine. I just do like 60 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks, 30 pushups, and 15 minutes on our old ski machine. I plan to increase the pushups an extra 10 everyday as well as upping the others. I do this three times a day, sometimes more if I can handle it. Is this a good way at starting things out, as I really didn’t each much, as feared it’d ruin my exercising and water. Is there a good meal list I can go with as well?I can handle keeping away from junk foods and stuff as well. I’m mainly concerned about if this really works as a diet and how soon I can see progress.

    • Although we don’t regularly offer dieting tips I have the same issues and have done so much research on the subject over the last year that I feel I will be an expert shortly. My problem is the junk that is sold in the local supermarkets scares me to death, mostly because it is already killing the American populous. If you exercise you must take in calories to not dissipate the work you are trying to accomplish. The muscles are the second target, after fat, that the body will use to keep going. For this reason most diets don’t work. There are items you need for your body to function correctly, that you can’t get anywhere else except from food. A recent primary concern is sulfides which work with the fats in you body to create energy with the sunlight that you also need for vitamin D absorption. Also you need cholesterol good and bad for your brain to be supported properly. The brain is made up, for the most part, from what the medical society calls bad cholesterol. Remove it from your diet and you eventually become a useless droid bumping into walls. Fat does not cause fat. This has been proven, even the national heart association agrees with this point. But there are good and bad fats. Any highly processed clear fats should be avoided all together. Cold pressed virgin olive oil or coconut oil are two of the best oils for human consumption. But olive oil does not function well in high heat. So, don’t fry foods in it. Flour, sugar, sugar substitutes, potato’s and caffeinated drinks should all be removed from the diet completely this is because they all promote addiction and hunger cravings that are hard to get around. Also it has been proven that the sugar substitutes actually cause increased weight gain. eat a grape if you need something sweet just watch out for over eating sweet fruits. eat more vegetable matter, primarily greens. a great idea for a light meal is spaghetti squash with a tomato olive oil and fresh basil sauce. add onions and some cyan pepper sparingly for a little zip. a good snack is an avocado with fresh lemon juice sprinkled on it. Eat whole eggs, they are a great source for proteins and sulfur particularly when raw, but if that is the case buy organic eggs. You might also investigate Dr. Mercola’s site because he is now covering issues such as giving your body time to recover from strenuous exercise. Three time a day seems excessive. And I fear your not eating while doing all this exercise with make your body think it is being starved. If that is the case then the only thing you will loose is the muscle mass you are working so hard to keep. And you are stuck in a never ending loop. Lay off the exercise at least 1 day between routines and your body will respond better to what ever else you do. Make your routines shorter,more powerful and faster because this triggers the muscle tissues to start rebuilding themselves. Once done with the exercise wait at least 48 hours before engaging in the next day of exercise. You should be able to do all exercises in under 15 min, once you get into this routine. There are a few quick exercise routine out on the web that will work well for you just search for them. Thanks for the comment.

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