Dissolved Oxygen Testing

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Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Testing

Dissolved oxygen testing shows that the Vitalizer Plus adds significant oxygen – even to already good quality bottled water. Using Yosemite Crystal Water, dissolved oxygen levels were tested before and after Vitalizing. The Vitalizer Plus increased dissolved oxygen content by over 30%.

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  1. At the Vitalizer Plus sites we don’t recommend storage of water over 20 days because the water will stagnate and the life energy in it will be lost. Filtering the water is just one part of the process we recommend. An on the counter distiller or a reverse osmosis filter is best for filtering out 99.99-100% of all toxins. And then transferring the water to the Vitalizerplus for the recommended running time and then transferring the water to either a glass or terracotta container for the next 20 or so days will be far healthier. Supplying the user with hexagonally structured pure living water.

  2. Well, we use Reverse Osmosis in our house to filter out water because it is too hard to be consumed in our neighborhood. And there is another pipe, threw which the impure water is let out through. now, that impure water goes down the sink drain. There is absolutely no comprehensive and easy way of tapping that water and re-using that i have thought of. Your help would be valuable.

    • The only option I can think of would be a counter top distiller which might not function well with the mineral content either but all you will get is distilled water and mineral waste. put the distilled water through a cycle in a Vitalizer Plus and you have healthy spring like water that will cleanse your body from the inside out. what you do with the minerals discharged by the distilling process? My guess would be trash them.

  3. Water is the second most important thing in our physical life cycle, the most important is air, as without it we expire in about 5 min. Without water about a week, without food 2-4 months. These are two things we are also able to actively affect. Chronic, sub-clinical hypoxia (low tissue oxygen levels), and chronic sub-clinical dehydration have such impact on our health, yet we search for a pill or potion or even the meditative focus of our will to get better. Yes it makes a difference to think positively, but you must act positively before real long-term benefits are accrued in your favor. If we breath well, drink well, eat well and think well, we give ourselves a real chance to be well. Virtually every client with a complaint is not breathing well mechanically and rarely carries a supply of water. If they also are prone to acidic thoughts they can be eating healthy and taking supplements with only minimal benefits. When the breath is shallow and rapid it can trigger or be triggered by the fight or flight syndrome. Our blood goes to the arms to fight and or our legs to run, this causes a lack of energy for our other systems. In the case of digestion it gets disrupted so food is not properly digested or assimilated with consequences further downstream, the endocrine/hormone systems suffer as well. Yes it is timely to be blessing the water, but we should not just do it once in awhile we should do it before every drink we drink or serve. As healers we must set an example for all we meet as well as those we serve. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    • Water, particularly in its structured state, is able to store its memory of things it has encountered so much so that water that has been subjected to medicinal herbs takes on the medicinal equivalent of the herb. Even when diluted 1000 to one and it will still have the same potency. Certainly having positive feedback around you and a positive attitude within you will also have a positive effect. Our body’s are 75% water to begin with if it all has the same type of functional memory that is affected by external sources then why wouldn’t we. we all know that we are affected but not everyone has put it all together to come up with the conclusion you or we came up with. And we are not alone in the belief. Dr. Imoto was the pioneer of most of this but there are many others who have had significant input. Thank you for yours.

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