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Customer Review – Thank you for sending it so quickly

Thank you for sending it so quickly and for gifting the extra book “pH Madness”.  I am gifting this to my sister.   One of my sisters told me about the Vitalizer Plus in 2006 and I bought one then and had been using it since.  I got out of the habit of using it last year when I needed to change out the basket but didn’t because they are so expensive.  I forgot about it, and recently decided to start it up again.  This is when I ordered three baskets from you.
I want to thank you for the literature you included in that shipment:  “Water as Medicine”, “pH Lesson 101”, “Frequently Asked Questions-About the Vitalizer Plus”, and “Hexagonal Water – The water your body craves”.  I can say that I personally experienced intense digestive trouble from drinking a water that was “9.5 pH” the day before the mineral basket shipment arrived.
Are the four papers you sent available as a pdf. ?
I would love to pass them along to family and friends.
Thank you,