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Water Drop #19

Water Drop #19 – Rolling water remains pure. That’s because movement is critical for water. When it is allowed to remain still, water stagnates and begins to foster unhealthy bacteria and other microbes. Lack of exercise in our personal lives causes our body’s water to stagnate—to foster bacteria and other unhealthy microbes. When we are sedentary, our body’s waters also lose structure. One of the best ways to bring the liquid crystalline structure back to your internal fluids is to be involved in some form of whole body movement— walking, Tai Chi, swimming etc. A favorite of the authors of the book, “Dancing with Water”, is dance. After a good dance workout, the body is glowing and energized—and so is the water within.

Water Drop #18

Water Drop #18 – The human body is exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals, just as our drinking water is. Not only is it important to drink pure, structured water, it is also important to expose our body water to positive, natural frequencies that help to maintain vibrant structure for the water inside our bodies. Certain kinds of music create healthy structure for our internal fluids. Crystal bowls, tuning forks, inspirational and classical music are all very powerful frequencies to offer to our body’s water on a regular basis. The sounds of Nature also imprint their frequencies in our bodies. Laughing is a very good way to bring structure to your inner waters and to imprint them with joy and happiness. Healing occurs naturally when the body water, our inner liquid crystal, is in a harmonious, balanced, and structured state.

Water Drop #17

Water Drop #17 – “Water is a mirror reflecting our minds. The messages from the water tell us to look inside ourselves.” — Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water Drop #16

Water Drop #16 – For thousands of years, humans have received life force and healing from Earth’s waters. At this time in our history, the Earth’s water needs our assistance. It is time to give back. There are some beautiful prayers and meditations for water on the internet. One beautiful healing meditation can be downloaded for free called Healing Waters by Debbie Cavette. ( Just like the human race heals one person at a time, the Earth’s water heals one drop, or one glass, or one river at a time. Next time you drink a glass of water, hold it to your heart and give thanks. Gratitude is perhaps the most healing of all.

Water Drop #15

Water Drop #15 – Mineral and thermal springs have long been recognized for their therapeutic qualities. These sacred bodies of water have been venerated throughout time. Regular pilgrimages are made to some of these healing waters. The combination of heat, mud, and minerals creates healing vapors that draw out toxins and assist breathing. Bathing in and drinking these waters has reportedly healed many ailments—everything from arthritis, skin problems, pain, and respiratory distress to relief from mental and emotional problems. Yet, water is involved in healing on many levels. Native Americans have always considered hot springs to be sacred places, referring to them as “peace sites.”  Here warring tribes could not be enemies. These springs were used as places of gathering to resolve (heal) inter-tribal differences and to negotiate peace. Many native people of North America believe hot springs have spiritual qualities as well. They see them as portals to the spiritual realm. Unbeknownst to many hot spring bathers today, spiritual beings assist in healing of yet another nature—often bringing awareness for healing to occur at a deep spiritual level.