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Jim Rand

Jim Rand

I began using the Vitalizer Plus about a year ago because of constant fatigue.  I had tried many things but it seemed like nothing worked.  I noticed an immediate difference after drinking hexagonal water for about a month and after I had gone through the cleansing phase.

I started slowly as indicated in the supplied literature and then worked my way upward.  Since then, I’m up to over a gallon a day and I can immediately tell when I’m starting to get dehydrated.  I now realize the importance of keeping myself hydrated throughout the day.

I feel so much better when drinking hexagonal water.  I take the Vitalizer with me every chance I get but sometimes on business travel, I’m unable to.  Even though I drink plenty of water on those trips, I notice the difference between bottled water and hexagonal water and I can’t wait to get back to the good water.

Another difference I’ve noticed is the much improved quality of my sleep.  I sleep much more deeply than I used to and even keep a gallon bottle of water close at hand so I am able to have a glass or two during the night.  My mental clarity has also improved which is very important in my job as a software developer where I have to concentrate for long periods of time.  An added plus is that my blood tests were much improved from the year before.

I heartily endorse the Vitalizer Plus.  In my opinion, it’s the single most important thing I’ve done to improve my health.

Jim Rand

RN, Karen Davis

Karen Davis Testimonial Sept 2011

My Daughter, Terah, purchased a Vitalizer Plus first on August 8. 19 days later I purchased one.
Ken was wonderful to work with. My body has been cleansing since I began using my Vitalizer Plus (I also purchased a Crystal fluoride/Chlorine filter & shower filter to go with my improved water). I am loving the improvements that I am seeing with this hexagonally structured water. I’ve also improved my diet for a hypothyroid problem (no more raw broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and expect even greater improvements. It seems that the information about hexagonal water is accurate as my body loves this water and I do have much more energy as evidenced by extensive workouts that leave me sweaty and very happy!

I’m seeing greater muscle tone and believe that cellulite has diminished (still under evaluation).

Also my daughter who started this before I did, lost 12.5 lbs in 2 weeks, lost cravings for bad/junk foods and is sleeping at night (had chronic insomnia). I’m an RN who refuses to take prescription drugs as they have adverse effects and the natural methods are much more health-promoting.

I mention the following health benefits: An improvement in my skin, GI function, and sleep pattern with deeper, remembered dreams. A noticeably higher energy level and enhanced workouts. My consumption of herbs and supplements have decreased due to improved assimilation and results.

I feel that this water is assisting me to be more physically spiritually sensitive. I’ll explain. I’ve had spiritual experiences throughout my life even many witnessed by others so that aspect of my relationship with, and mission for, God hasn’t changed. However, I now feel an increased “vibration/quickening” and a “lightness” on a physical level.

I’ve controlled these physical problems with glandulars, iodine, EDTA chelation, and herbs, and supplements, but there persisted a “heaviness” and brain and body fatigue. This is now lifting. In addition, I have the chi machine, the mini-tramp rebounder, a Chinese “electrofrequency” foot massager, an inversion table, a very expensive frequency machine patterned after research, accupressure instrument, infared sauna, etc. This water has made the most difference of all the other interventions combined.

I am well grounded in my beliefs of God and so my subjective statements should not be misconstrued as “New Age”. In fact, I’m an advanced LMT and RN (who avoids conventional medical interventions as archaic and often barbaric. Motivated by the greed factor aka: Big Pharma sponsored research, etc., versus natural health promoting) with many other degrees (Business, Psychology, and Communications) to assist logical analysis.

In conclusion, I sense a reversal of the aging process and as a “young-looking” 55 year old that is important to me with resulting physical confirmations that makes this water very desirable and exciting while quenching thirst.  I’ve called it “living water” as it seems to raise the dross physical body to a higher level of sensitivity. It’s fun to be excited about drinking water!