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Water Drop #16

Water Drop #16 – For thousands of years, humans have received life force and healing from Earth’s waters. At this time in our history, the Earth’s water needs our assistance. It is time to give back. There are some beautiful prayers and meditations for water on the internet. One beautiful healing meditation can be downloaded for free called Healing Waters by Debbie Cavette. ( Just like the human race heals one person at a time, the Earth’s water heals one drop, or one glass, or one river at a time. Next time you drink a glass of water, hold it to your heart and give thanks. Gratitude is perhaps the most healing of all.

Water Drop #15

Water Drop #15 – Mineral and thermal springs have long been recognized for their therapeutic qualities. These sacred bodies of water have been venerated throughout time. Regular pilgrimages are made to some of these healing waters. The combination of heat, mud, and minerals creates healing vapors that draw out toxins and assist breathing. Bathing in and drinking these waters has reportedly healed many ailments—everything from arthritis, skin problems, pain, and respiratory distress to relief from mental and emotional problems. Yet, water is involved in healing on many levels. Native Americans have always considered hot springs to be sacred places, referring to them as “peace sites.”  Here warring tribes could not be enemies. These springs were used as places of gathering to resolve (heal) inter-tribal differences and to negotiate peace. Many native people of North America believe hot springs have spiritual qualities as well. They see them as portals to the spiritual realm. Unbeknownst to many hot spring bathers today, spiritual beings assist in healing of yet another nature—often bringing awareness for healing to occur at a deep spiritual level.

Water Drop #14

Water Drop #14 – Thoughts on Water – Dreams of Water—What do they mean?  There are many ways to interpret what water symbolizes in our dreams. Most people who work with dream interpretations agree that water represents the subconscious mind and the emotional state of the dreamer. Water is deeply connected with the emotional realm. The type of water you encounter in a dream is a clue to what the dream might mean. For example: Waves in a dream can mean peace and tranquility, Storm waves can mean emotional upheaval, anxiety, or stress. Clear water can denote good fortune, abundance, or spiritual clarity. A calm, large body of water can reflect smooth going or easy passage. Murky water can be a warning of trouble or an uncertain emotional state of being. The ocean typically represents the primal and the divine feminine forces. Dreams of the ocean can represent new life, rebirth, new ideas or opportunities. Streams can be a symbol of flowing abundance or flowing emotions; speaking and expressing your true feelings can be symbolized by a stream’s flowing energy. Waterfalls can mean cleansing.  If they are tumultuous, they can represent feeling out of control or losing control of emotions and feelings. A swimming pool often represents your social life.  How many people are in the pool? Are you alone?  One of the most powerful clues in any dream is the emotions the dream evokes.  Think about how you were feeling during your dream. This will often set you on the trail to a meaningful interpretation. Water is a good barometer on many levels. Dreams of water can give you important messages for your waking life. What is water communicating to you?

Received the mineral baskets and information

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: received the mineral baskets and information
From: John
Date: Thu, June 19, 2014 8:31 pm

Thank you EVER SO MUCH for sending the mineral baskets to me and all the informative materials as well!!!
I received them at 3:30p.m PDT and have done the preliminary rinse and had two glasses of 9 minute preparation water… – and wow – I name it “Magic Water” for the immediate results in energy and alertness and overall invigoration it provides to me.
I must remember to not drink it too late at night because I know sleep will not be a body priority when so much good is occurring in active metabolism so I will look forward to the next day’s “surge” first thing in the morning to start the day.
Much important reading to do but I had to extend my sincerest gratitude for your expertise and professional delivery of the blocks – because they weigh so dramatically in my health conditioning – that a moment of respect is necessary to convey my appreciation.
Thank you – and into the future as a steady customer –

John S.F.

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I wanted to say, I purchased the Vitalizer Plus a few months back, after talking with Ken about it. I’d been looking for something to make my filtered water better. I sure did find the product. Not only has it helped with aches and pains, but my skin in the winter is far less dry, [Read more…]